Product Description. Lomandra longifolia Semi-compact, fine leaved Lomandra that is versatile and low maintenance. — Lomandra longifolia ‘LM400’ Nyalla™ PP15,420 — A fine blade, compact Lomandra with blue-green foliage, Nyalla is a selection from the same breeding program as our popular L. longifolia Breeze™. It goes well Lomandra longifolia Nyalla ® Lomandra longifolia Nyalla ® Scientific Name: Lomandra Labill. Can tolerate extreme drought, frost and is perfect for growing in coastal locations. Lomandra Longifolia. If you have not already verified your email address you will receive a verification email to the address entered which must be actioned in order for the notifications to start. Online Plants have Australia's largest range of Lomandra. Lomandra Filiformis “Ice Queen” Lomandra Fluviatilis highlights >> Lomandra Hystrix. For many years Nyalla has been unavailable due to production issues in tissue culture. New release varieties and old favorites. USE FOR : Ideal for erosion control on banks and slopes.Massed planting gives a great coverage and will smother out weeds in time. Lomandra Patens Inspire>> Lomandra Patens Silver Falls A tough plant that works well when mass planted and also makes a great specimen plant. These are a great plant for mass planting, Hardy, drought tolerant, Nearly indestructible. Nyalla likes both part shade and full sunlight. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? It is almost drought resistant, remaining lush and green in any conditions making it perfect for mass landscape plantings. Ideal for mass planting, and is very drought tolerant. It grows to 80cm high and 80cm across. An improved semi-compact fine leaf blue grey form of the popular Lomandra longifolia. Native gardens and revegetation projects. 0. STEP 2 Place the whole flower spike into a paper bag and store in a cool well-ventilated area. Mar 16, 2018 - Tough fine leaf grass to just under 1m all around. It has a height and spread of roughly 75cm. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' Description. It grows in a variety of soil types and is frost, heat and drought tolerant. Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-head Mat-rush or Basket Grass) is native Australia wide except for the Northern Territory and Western Australia. STEP 1 Lomandra longifolia seed is arranged on spikes and when mature turns yellow. Produces fine blue grey foliage, followed by yellow flowers in the spring. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' ® Nyalla is a semi-compact, grass-like plant that bears green to blue-grey foliage. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla', 'LM400' Nyalla Dwarf Mat Rush An evergreen grass-like perennial. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' FROM: $16.99 SET YOUR STORE. Online Plants - leading plant nursery Melbourne offering Australian wide delivery. The green seed shown here is slightly immature. Great as a … It grows to 75cm high with a spread of 75cm. Small perfumed creamy white clusters on a spike from spring through to Uses summer. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' NYALLA MAT RUSH Asparagaceae-Lomandroideae : Plant type: evergreen rhizomatous soft-wooded perennial Hardiness zones: 9-10 Sunlight: hot overhead sun to warm low sun Soil Moisture: dry for extended periods to constantly moist Position: Full sun to Moderate shade Height: 80-90cm Width: 80-90cm Lomandra longifolia ‘Nyalla’ Mat Rush A clumping grass-like perennial with attractive narrow bluish-green foliage and masses of perfumed yellow flowers in spring. Lomandra longifolia Nyalla: Native Grass: Nyalla. It has an attractive yellow flower head early in spring. A member of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, it can grow in a range of sandy soils, in swamps and wet places to the montane zone on banks of creeks, rocky hillsides, cliffs and open forests. This evergreen fine leaf form of Lomandra longifolia resembles a grass tree without the trunk. This is a great Australian native plant that is drought and frost tolerant and extremely tough once established. Nyalla® Lomandra has good erosion control and strengthens the soil 328% (2007 Paananen, Layt;Study). Lomandra Hystrix naturally grows well on moist soils and hence suited for edge of fresh … An evergreen, improved compact fine leaf form, this low maintenance plant is perfect for landscape professionals and gardeners alike. Lomandra longifolia ‘Tanika’ Mat Rush A clumping grass-like perennial with attractive narrow bluish-green foliage and masses of perfumed yellow flowers in spring. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' Nyalla Mat Rush. Pot size guide … Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' will grow to a height and width of 80 centimetres. Lomandra (loh-MAN-druh), commonly known as mat rushes, is a small genus of perennial herbaceous plants from the Asparagaceae family. Blue-green tint to the foliage. Growing more upright. Produces attractive yellow flowers that bloom in Spring. Height: 0.5-1m: Width: 0.5-1m: Position: Full sun: Growth rate: Medium to fast: Soil: Tolerates most soil types: Pot size: All throughout the Hawkesbury, tolerates a wide range of soils. All Guaranteed to grow!!!! Slightly … Lomandra Nyalla. It contains 51 species and all of them are native to Australia, with two also being found in New Caledonia and New Guinea. Product Description. Drought and frost tolerant, low maintenance. Lomandra longifolia is a clump forming rhizomatous perennial that is grasslike in appearance. Improved blue grey foliage is accompanied with small yellow flowers from September to October. Lomandra Nyalla is a low maintenance Australian grass species, similar to Tanika but slightly taller with darker green coloured leaves. An attractive, blue-toned flax that provides a graceful, versatile plant with an attractive, yellow flower head in early spring. Evergreen. Lomandra longifolia (Mat-rush) Description Occurs A hardy tufted herb, with great shape. Great Epson control capabilities, does not produce seed and has small yellow flowers from Sep-Oct. Tolerates seaside, inland and drought conditions. Will grow in most types of soil. Small yellow flowers from April to October, Tanika® Lomandra is also soft to touch so kids will enjoy this plant as well. Lomandra Longifolia “Mallacoota tuff” Lomandra Longifolia “Fine Cascade”>> Lomandra Longifolia “Nyalla” Lomandra Longifolia “Tanika” Lomandra Nana. 75m x 0.75m. Wear gloves when cutting and handling as the inflorescence is spikey. Tolerant of hot dry climates although will like extra water if available in the hot dry months. Nyalla is 20% larger and is more upright than the popular Tanika. A fine blade, compact Lomandra with blue-green foliage, Nyalla is a selection from the same breeding program as Tuffy's popular L. longifolia Breeze™. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. Lomandra longifolia ‘LM400’ – Nyalla® – strappy leaf plant. Lomandra Tanika is a low maintenance grass which grows to 60cm high and 1m across. Suitable for containers. An improved compact, fine leafed form of Lomandra longifolia growing to about 80cm height and in width. Small yellow flower spikes emit a sweet fragrance in spring. Beautiful clumping perennial similar to Lomandra 'Breeze' but with a blue-green broader leaf and slightly larger plant. Has bluish green foliage and yellow flower heads begin to emerge in early spring. Lomandra Nyalla (Nyalla™ Lomandra longifolia ‘LM400’ PVR). Fine, blue-green foliage forms a fountain-like clump. Dec 24, 2018 - Lomandra Nyalla An improved semi-compact fine leaf blue grey form of the popular Lomandra longifolia. Grows in full sun or part shade. Grows well inland or … Available in Stores. Nyalla ® Nursery Availability Mar 14, 2015 - Explore Nick Williams's board "Lomandra" on Pinterest. Great in windy and coastal sites, excellent erosion control plant. Oct 25, 2019 - Semi compact form. A low maintenance plant with stunning long, blue-green/grey, fine, arching foliage that resembles a Grass Tree without a trunk. Lomandra longifolia, commonly known as spiny-head mat-rush, spiky-headed mat-rush or basket grass, is a perennial, rhizomatous herb found throughout eastern Australia.The leaves are 40 cm to 80 cm long, and generally have a leaf of about 8 mm to 12 mm wide. Lomandra longifolia APPEARANCE : Large fast-growing native lomandra with long green foliage, broader than most other lomandra species and growing in a fountain shape, and yellow flower spikes during spring. Lomandra longifolia is hardy Australian native which is adaptable to a wide range of soils and growing conditions, dry to damp soils, sun to part shade and poor soils as well. May be grown in partial shade or full sun. Evergreen: Use: Mass planted along borders or used as a ground cover in parks and gardens, Nyalla is attractive in mass plantings. The seed is … It typically grows to 80 cm tall and the same wide, performing best when planted in … See more ideas about lomandra, native garden, australian native garden. Nyalla seems to have a blue green foliage, it will reach around 1m in height and is a most attractive plant; Care. Lomandra Tanika (Tanika™ Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PVR). Like Breeze, Nyalla has the look and feel of an ornamental grass, but is far tougher: extremely drought tolerant and evergreen even when temps occasionally dip into the teens. The leaves are held with a graceful arch and are adorned with attractive spikes of yellow flowers in spring. (Asparagaceae) longifolia Labill. It creates tussocks of bluey green straplike foliage and produces panicles of creamy yellow fragrant flowers that are reminiscent of honey. Great as a … “Nyalla” is a variety of Lomandra grown for its fine and lush, dark green foliage. However ideal growing conditions will enhance the growth. Description. Lomandra ‘Nyalla’ is a tough plant with blue foliage and yellow coloured flowers, adaptable to all corners of the globe are very well suited to hot summer flower gardens. Its narrow strappy leaves produce small striking yellow flowers from September to October which contrasts against its blue-toned foliage. Small non-spikey cream to yellow flowers appear during Spring and Summer and are held within the foliage. Lomandra Nyalla has evergreen fine leaf foliage that looks like a grass tree, but it’s trunkless, faster growing and doesn’t need annual trimming. Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' • Australian Native Plants • Plants • 800.701.6517 Lomandra longifolia 'Nyalla' [Mat Rush] part of the Dasypogonaceae family with Yellow flowers flowering in Spring avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA Lomandra Tanika has been performing in landscapes across Australia for over a decade. Found Flower and Foliage naturally in gullies and on moist soils.