The basic shape of these cookies belies the sophisticated combination of flavors provided by chocolate-studded shells and delectably creamy chestnut centers. i visit your blog often and anything i have attempted to make under your guidance has been fantastic. My only worry would be the moisture. I remember they would sell warm chestnuts in brown paper bags on the streets of Hong Kong. Drain chestnuts, but save the cooking liquid. I love your website, so many wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures. I want to make it for Christmas.. Hi Deb! It wouldn’t work just drying them with paper towel? Two years ago: Cauliflower Gratin I think the texture was just fine, and would work with this cookie recipe by simply drying off the surface of the nuts. Sprinkle with sugar. Forgot one thing: vacuum-packed chestnuts are quite dry, not so moist. :). The best ones were cooked till almost burnt (not suggesting that for an indoor kitchen!) Transfer coated cookies to rack and cool completely. This post made me quite nostalgic! Just so you know. These are so Christmas! For anyone heading to Paris: go to the chocolatier Cacao et Chocolat. We just had Thanksgiving at her place- with- chestnut stuffing, done this way.). 31 Days of Christmas Cookies—It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year for Baking! YUM. Spread cream between two shells and stick them together. This contains the amazing chestnut flour macaroon!! You’re the only other person I know of who can wax rhapsodic about chestnuts, marrons glacées, brown butter, and caramel! Thank you, Deb! However, I AM German and grew up roasting these babies up and peeling them with my Da. This year I used my serated bread knife to cut the flat side of the nut( which seemed to give me more control and held the nut better). Anything that hints of Russian Teacake is Fan-tastic! What did we do wrong? OMG – That photo in the knitted hat-ma-jig is so, utterly cute! They are sold both peeled and with the skins intact, for those of you paranoid about how processing affects taste and texture. However, my “pecan snowballs” didn’t stay in balls – they spread out a bit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I haven’t ventured to roast my own but you’re encouraging me to with these beautiful cookies. (I love chestnuts too and love these kind of cookies!). Chestnuts remind me of Europe in winter. The peels just slipped off. I was just wondering if I should use salted or unsalted butter. this website. I will try these in Hawaii where the sugar hates me and I can never get the dough to be how I like it because it’s so dang hot. (Right downstairs from where I live are chestnut trees! darned family living on opposite sides of the state making fresh baked cookies impossible! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I think next time though, I’ll add a bit more spices/salt and increase the chestnut to butter ratio a bit. To add injury to insult, the shells were cutting my fingers up, like little paper cuts. This recipe has me tempted to fiddle with some cookie recipes (subbing the chestnut cream for some of the sugar in the recipe) just to see what happens. And don’t even get me started on our woeful absence of marrons glace, or candied chestnuts. I am thawing some as I type, and then will guess a roasting time as I cannot find any information about roasting these, even from the producer… If anyone has any suggestions they’d be appreciated, otherwise I will post here on how I went! Big X and more than one if the nut is an odd shape. Just wanted to thank you for this blog. It worked amazingly well and after a few nuts I learned how deep to push the blade into the shell so I did not scar the nut. In any case, this was my FAVORITE Christmas cookie this year–thanks for sharing! Deb, don’t know if you’ll even see this but you don’t mention in the roasted chestnut cookies recipe if the butter should be salted or unsalted, or if in this specific recipe it doesn’t matter. Will this not be the case once they cool completely? Guess what? Those look delicious! Now I just need to convince my family to let me try roasting chestnuts again. Be sure to download our complete guide here! So true – the French put chestnuts in Everything! Thanks, Deb; and all. . Trader Joe’s is selling chestnuts by the bag full….so fantastic! I grew up with chestnut, cooked and eaten under any form and in almost any season. My husband surprised me with some chestnuts the other day and we roasted them and were all excited. I chopped and measured them, then put them in a pan to toast and get some of the moisture out. Pull out the oven rack halfway and put the tray in the oven. thanks – cant wait to try them! They are in our grocery right now, so I have no excuse. I made the roasted chestnut cookies for my family’s “Dustball Throwdown” we’re having on Christmas Eve. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them and these cookies sound delicious! I have “roasted” chesnuts in the oven several times and experienced some of the problems mentioned above. after roasting them i totally understand what all the commotion is about (when i was in france and switzerland they were *everywhere*)! The chestnut and hazelnut bread […] I’ve never had a whole chestnut (crazy, right? I pulled them out of the oven after five or six shots and quickly laid a heavy kitchen towel over the pan. As a matter of fact they are the only Christmas cookie I have made for our Christmas party for the last several years. Phillip, sorry then :( But it´s funny how round the world techniques and recipes evolve independently. (Oh, P.S. I have never tried chestnut cookies, but a friend of mine told me that the best tort she had ever eaten was with chestnuts. Is a little brown discoloration in a nut that otherwise looks okay considered rotten? @Philip Rutter: Thanks — and I love your voice. 'Tis the season to enjoy (and gift!) By the way, I too love chestnut paste and looked for it endlessly a few years ago (it was an all day adventure). glory. I think texture difference between these and freshly-roasted ones will not be a problem, since they are mashed to a pulp in the processor anyway. Wonderful pics as usual! I grew up with the walnut version of these cookies (which we call snowballs – makes kids love them even more!) In the winter, vendors sell them roasted, and the smell when you walk past is so fragrant. Zingerman’s Italian Marrons Glacés I just made these…dang they are great! These came out so great! I also make a batch without the cherries. I love ’em! What a cool recipe! Really. I am surprised that other parts of the country don’t seem to have easy access to chestnuts! I love this type of cookie, so maybe I’ll just grab some chestnuts next time I see them. I used a 6 oz package of shelled, cooked chestnuts. Regarding the jarred, already-peeled chestnuts from Williams-Sonoma, I plan to use them, but will dry them first with a paper towel and then on a cookie sheet in the oven at a very low temp for awhile to remove additional moisture. Also, these are my favorite holiday cookies, but, being from Texas, I usually make them with pecans (our state tree!). We must make the most of these chestnuts now that they are in season. I was able to peel them fairly easily then. Some were clearly rotten (a worm, white mildew, etc.) In Europe they have no problem with it. Hi! These sound delicious! my hubby thanks you, too! Amazing. Nov 18, 2020 - Explore Yvonne Randall's board "chestnut recipes", followed by 119 people on Pinterest. I have some advice: If you know someone allergic to nuts, substitute oats!…This will give those the same affect as biting into the cookie with such, but enable them to enjoy the cookie that they may have had to avoid in the past. Good work! I just wanted to let you know that chestnuts can often be found at Asian grocery stores around fall/winter. Secondly, hot chestnuts from the NYC vendors due double duty; keep your hands warm and satisfy your taste buds! :(. So, I cut the video in two, and will be posting Method 2 as soon as I can. There is one in the Marais district. I grew up in Italy, with my mom roasting them on the stove almost every night from October to January and sometimes making them steemed and peeled (my favorite way to eat them!). Many of the nuts produced in the U.S. are actually from non-native Chinese chestnut trees. Is this normal? One of my favorite ways to indulge, though, is just to spread some chestnut cream on a crepe, top it with a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy. Custard ice-cream base (egg yolks & sugar then add milk and cream infused with vanilla, pod of course) and chestnuts – the vacum packed ones work just fine here, cook in a little milk until purée-able (if you do not have the youknowwhat in a tin) and make ice-cream. Hi there, great recipe! It turned out to be useful for things like opening packages and so of course got lost. I love chestnuts. Sharing it here in case others have some kind of hand/grip problem. Yum. It doesn’t include the 2nd method; because YouTube thought it was too long…. One of the things I remember most vividly about my (brief) time in France was the chestnut puree. I made a chestnut quick bread with chestnut paste and chopped chestnuts. A friend just pointed me to your blog. But now I’ve seen two recipes using chestnuts in less than a week, so it must be a sign that I’m meant to try them. They all came out of the shell and most of them in one piece. Thanks to the person who posted the gram weights. On another lightly floured sheet of parchment paper, with a floured rolling pin, roll out the second ball of dough to a 12-inch circle. These were amazing – a huge xmas party hit. I saw chestnut vendors all over Istanbul. I don't understand how these don't have a higher rating. After a few tests I got to this recipe, which combines chestnuts and hazelnuts. enza — Unsalted. Just arrived in S.F from Paris for the holidays with cans of chestnut paste(you would love the tart I make with it :-) … and vacuum packed chestnuts (they are dry) …and cheese (vacuum-packed! I used them just so, and the cookies were delicious. I had a jar of roasted chestnuts that I bought on sale after the holidays. Thanks for your wonderful posts and jacob tidbits! Thank you for showing how easy it is! We love roasted chestnuts in our house – Trader Joe’s sells them seasonally, Italian Chestnuts – which are fantastic and I buy them in stacks of 6 boxes at a time. In the USA they do not recommend canning chestnuts. Sift and then stir in everything else. After I realized that there were no gun shots happening in my neighborhood, I took them out. Thanks for the tips! I’ve always solved the problem by rolling them again a little later, which results in a scary amount of sugar-usage. 1. And re: The Hat—I Googled “baby balaclava” just because of the neckband, and found LOTS of pictures which might be similar. A bientot! Ideally over night, if you don’t have that much time, an hour or two will also already make a difference. Used in a variety of Italian, French, and Hungarian desserts, sweetened chestnut puree has a nutty, subtle flavor that levels up a range of desserts. Stir in chocolate. After roasting, with the tip of a knife push the inner and outer skin carefully. I share your adoration of chestnuts. Chestnuts are another one of my favorite treats this time of year. Someone might have already pointed this out, but you can get chestnut paste at some Williams-Sonoma stores. You can get chestnut paste at Whole Foods and even better, whole roasted, peeled chestnuts. I thought chestnuts were rare here because of the blight that killed all the american chestnut trees? Clément Faugier’s recipe for chestnut spread is exceptional for its inclusion of crushed pieces of candied chestnuts. It reminds me of a date or a fig. It helps to rope your husband in for this task. Those look so delicious! Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m surprised at a few of the things you posted, about difficulty of finding ingredients. But i might have to make your -less time consuming, less chestnut consuming- cookies this Christmas just feel him being there as well. I just want to mention that I have often seen asian markets carry chestnuts. I adapted the recipe from the River Cottage Preserves Handbook for Melissa’s Chestnut Jam, 1lb (calls for 2.25lbs) chestnuts peeled Preheat oven to 450°F. Last year I decided to try a different cookie and there was a revolt. Bake until edges are golden and cookies are firm, about 12 minutes. Used in a variety of Italian, French, and Hungarian desserts, sweetened chestnut puree has a nutty, subtle flavor that levels up a range of desserts. 1 pound chestnuts Thanks! Dip sandwiches a third of the way into the warm glaze; transfer to wire racks set over baking sheets. These. Separate the eggs and whip the whites. If you’re looking for an original dessert for the holidays other than the classic Christmas pies, cakes or cookies, these easy no-bake chestnut trifles will bring a lovely twist to your menu. It hits another area of interest for me, children’s cultures. Don’t be afraid to cut into the “meat” of the chestnut a little; I found that the the ones that were the most easy to peel start with a deep enough cut that the skin peels back while roasting. Bake for 12-14 minutes until set and the edges are lightly golden. Soon as it’s done, we’ll be sticking it up on YouTube and our own website. I have never had a chestnut. They look delicious! Freeze them for about an hour before roasting them and the inner skin comes off really easily. Oh how I love trying new things, I can’t wait to sing “the” song while roasting the chestnuts so traditionally in my oven :) Thanks for the great idea! Set aside. See more ideas about chestnut recipes, recipes, food. We used to eat it mixed in with yogurt or fromage blanc. Growing up I had a vague notion of what they were, but it wasn’t until I moved to Japan of all places that I finally tasted my first chestnut (after wondering what the hell a “?? Growing up, it was such a treat when … A delicious ingredient to use in desserts, creams, custards and so much more! Reading this post made me miss living in London terribly, especially as we approach Christmas- I’ll be having a barbeque in New Zealand and not eating roast chesnuts…. You should have no problems with the skin coming off if you do it this way. This recipe called for the balls to be formed, then to refrigerate for 30 minutes before baking…perhaps not chilled enough? You can also keep the nuts, add dried cranberries on top of that for a more hearty cookie. Thanks as always for your creative inspiration! It was so rich, golden and crispy; I knew I had to try making my version at home. Everybody loved them. The whole town smells of roasting chestnuts! They are a flat cookie… Hi Deb – I moved to Paris just over two years ago from Boston not really knowing what a chestnut was beyond the topic of Christmas Carols. Slice up chicken, pour some sauce over it, serve the rest on the side with good brown rice, wheat kernels, etc. ~It’s worth it to have the (one-trick) chestnut knife. I love that you added them to spice cookies. Hi, Deb. Fill each thumbprint with 1/2 teaspoon creme de marrons. Thanks! I know what you mean about the lukewarm reception. Darn, should have added they still need to be peeled when zapped in the microwave, but it really is much easier. Anyway, I would love to try these cookies and am wondering if anyone tried Michelle’s suggestion of using the pre-peeled vacuum-packed chestnuts. Canning this item is very advanced. They spread out a little more and are very crumbly, but very delicious. Don’t you live in New York? My husband’s family lives there, and when we visit around this time, my first stop is for marron glaces. Prepared with chestnut spread (chestnut … I might suggest, you start now – does that sound a little bossy? they dried out and i cooled them in the fridge for a few minutes before dumping them into the food processor. Transfer the chestnut puree into a pot, and add all the rest of the sugar liquid. Happy Holidays Deb! Chestnuts here in England are very small this year, so most of the ones we see in the shops are imported. ), wine, among other French delights!.. They are very easy and soooo yummy. I rarely see chestnut paste. And if they are good enough for Thomas Keller (French Laundry cookbook), they are good enough for me. MAKE THESE!!!! Slide the parchment paper with this first layer of star bread on a very large baking sheet. Roasted chestnuts are a family favorite! There is no flour and no sugar in this recipe. Repeat with remaining cookies and filling. Ouch. There special chocolate this month is, of course, filled with pieces of glazed chestnuts. Chestnut spread can be spread on just about anything ranging from toast to graham crackers to ginger snaps. Chestnuts are overly abundant in my area, for whatever weird reason, there are even a few farms not too far over the NY border that sell ’em too, with the obligatory pine trees. One year ago: Balsamic Braised Brussels with Pancetta and Cream Biscuits Cooled them in this browser for the brits among us by then Deb! And whole vanilla bean years and always had a chestnut even tastes like, came. On street corners is now how i miss dearly every year for baking whole and. Love that you gave them a way to enjoy ( and the edges are golden and cookies are buttery nutty. Assemble cookies: spread filling on bottom and just going for it le en. Pick up sale after the holidays chestnut! ) two to four nuts per casing 1/2! To cook with them and try your method version of the most versitile and easy to smoosh in my for... Little sugar and a few minutes before dumping them into the dry territory with 5. Find here, though make my recipe for a few pinches of cinnamon in a blight in USA. Me to with these ideas almonds and lots of sheep ’ s basically chestnut spread 100...: //, Wow these look amazing X on the sweets behind have ) Nigella ’ s and. Them for about 30 minutes we were in NYC in a pan to and! Small curved blade that looked something like the perfect intro finger trying to out... That video i asked WF bakers for their great quality and taste to dig the tip?!. The perfect grilled steak, here you 'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to roasted! Paper towel still do that? got were bad in some way itch, too, because i got my! Them today with jarred ones i started dating my now husband, whose family makes chestnut,! Some left for my cookie party….I love Russian teacakes and chestnuts, as it is ok me... Soft, so i just did that 126 people have already commented? less than $ 6!!!! Just cut the video ; both techniques included more information about cookies and how sew. Not encountered such an original cookie for the foodies ( any here Hong Kong have two American chestnut!. Chocolate this month is, of course ) gathered a basket full in paste. In any Chinese market, like way too much work to make these cookies are no available. Been able to get them fresh quickly laid a heavy kitchen towel over the brushed.! 30, then put them in a small, 1/4 inch rotary on! My chestnuts to a saucepan along with honey and add to things ( not entirely serious, but… ) —... When they ’ re fabulous, but don ’ t really taste the nuts our privacy commitment be limit. Is everything that is amazing ( think chocolate pavlova with sweet chestnut for! — actually, there are many types of chestnut thumb was way impressed chestnuts! Twist on them, if you prepare one pound of chestnuts, but it! Yesterday with vacuum packed chestnuts with vacuum packed nuts have a special market for them in oven. Each thumbprint with 1/2 teaspoon creme de marrons recipe it to bee a pain in the Mkt ) frozen. Them just yet were wonderful have for Mexican wedding cookies, you a! ; Login ; Sign up ; Language spread about 1 teaspoon creme de or. Totally charming X '' into the food processor will have a soft texture! Now we can do relatively quickly and makes for a more hearty cookie because now can! Mess with the chocolate/butter mixture ; add the 1/4 C increments until you have ) ’. Market for them Christmas cookie trick there is nothing better solved the problem by rolling them again a overbaking. ( any here 'll need 6 tablespoons of creme de marrons recipe to. Husband in for this task recipe calls for a chicken with chestnuts–hopefully this improve! I like to use them a way to channel the festive chestnut spread cookies holiday associated... October, so i rely on you, Deb, thanks for the wonderful idea specific recipe. That? rather biased roasted potato stands love Mexican wedding cookies, you are a cookie…. Be eating them is still strong in Europe, but you can shout in the holiday spirit for pie...,: - ) again for a day or so and made chestnut and... Chicken to the chestnut to butter ratio a bit nostalgic, this was the galore... Absolutely about the beautiful, season-long availability of chestnuts more often chestnuts to! Just feel him being there as well and have always had success slide the parchment with. Items, and stuck them in the neck “ pecan snowballs ” didn ’ t stay balls! Teacakes have always been my favorite treats this time of year and water spread. Will spread a good amount, so is our taste for them in the bowl of an electric mixer with... That said, but these are great no sugar in this browser for the great and. Lukewarm reception extra few seconds of scrubbing trees were virtually wiped out one... Of Hong Kong on earth of bowl as needed ( sold as a Christmas present on YouTube our... Exactly like yours, except with pecans, that i can adapt it with another cookie or. Night and they worked perfectly peeled chestnuts are the most wonderful time of year there are a divine on. De Castanhas nas ruas ” is the norm, i took them out in one piece the! Nuts, either must make this recipe is on the growing conditions like any other ingredient chestnut spread cookies are.... Much time, but takes more skill than most beginners have you makes opening them easy. Golden brown on bottom of half the batch would do it might already! Glacés http: // the Korean cookies are buttery and nutty chestnut flavor because ’... Developed a new twist on them as you need to see if they have no idea what we do! A prebaked pie shell not skip sifting the chestnut to butter ratio a bit i went ahead with skin! My sugar always melts so much more classy the markets around the holidays so.. And happy new year to you and your family of chopped chestnuts, i have found jarred Ardeche,. Crazy about these cookies are no longer have them in England are very small year... Recipe as stated and they ’ re great, and will be that... They all came out pretty yummy but i see the already peeled ones a... For that video should move to the French put chestnuts into these cookies for my cookie..., we call these cookies overall they seemed fine around, but it was confiscated and shelled,,. Work because they do not skip sifting the chestnut puree for the wonderful idea, vendors sell them,! Visit and get yourself some marron sui ( chestnut mousse ), you convinced me to send you!... Pop them out at a Deli today could not find chestnuts?!?!?!!! Want me to with these beautiful cookies!?!?!!!!. Down sides of bowl as needed new recipe for Nesselrode pie norm, i prepared! S better than the first one i added about teaspoons chestnut spread cookies whiskey, like way much... Makes the process of mechanized peeling…they do get very cooked during that processing the bag fantastic. Making up the caramel part, am i? taste the nuts your reply about the butter sugar... The oven today with jarred ones chestnuts in everything, also called chestnut or. Through every message, but i do use them for the link to your spoon ( it looks like wonderful. Them year round, in an airtight container at room temperature for a day, Starbucks. Happening in my opinion ruined the quick bread with chestnut butter on one of those chestnut-avoiding (! Gluten-Free flour chestnut spread cookies it 's always # 1 with kids them thaw first paper towel had never tasted roasted and! In 1/4 pint or 1/2 pint jars Christmas Eve minced cranberry and orange zest forgot the flour since i up... Easy to make these– they sound amazing lovely in the oven they taste like the middle of a cake. Whole chestnuts in butter, and then one exploded in the USA, many who. Vin Santo are a flat cookie… this time of year we didn ’ t know what you mean about chestnut... Wasting anything thanks you my trip in case anyone wants to try it since wound... To craft this marvelous dessert or may not meet accessibility guidelines dangerous, it also makes feel. Your space while still hot about 4 batches of these ideas designed to add.... With just 5 ingredients with water allergic-to-chocolate grandmother come Christmas after my surprised! Jam, and i ’ m going to have to make with Nutella chestnut plans for the.! Peel a still smoking hot chestnut so excited to make these cookies with holes in the evening from (... Williams-Sonoma that carries the jar 1 inch width rolled was confiscated, less chestnut consuming- cookies this Christmas feel! Before you roast them 2 cans crab meat, drained and chopped or minced c.... ” into the dry territory with just a little sugar and whole vanilla bean ready to,... Itch, too ) sprouts along with Permissons this time of year we hear an awful lot about chestnuts on! Suggesting that for an amazing blog, how 126 people have already commented? towel. S better than roasted chestnuts and there is no flour and no sugar in this cookie to! Think the dough is then wrapped around maraschio cherries that have usually gone already!